Movie theaters

"We take care of your distribution." That is what we tell our clients, including our movie theater clients for which we offer a reliable, efficient and flexible one-stop-shop service.

Beaudry & Cadrin provides a full range of products used by these institutions.

Here is a list of available products:

• Popcorn (high expansion popcorn, oil, salt, seasonings, generic bags, containers)
• Sweets (regular, king size or peg pack chocolate and candy, or bulk-buying program)
• Nachos (chips, salsa and wrapped cheese or divided into portions)
• Snacks (chips, cookies, cotton candy, etc.)
• Fast food (hot dogs, fries, chicken wings or fingers, hamburgers, pogos, poutine cheese, etc.)
• Juice (crystals, concentrated or bottled)
• Slush Puppie
• Water (spring, vitamin, flavoured or sparkling)
• Soft drinks (bottled or for fountain)
• Coffee and tea (Van Houtte, Flavia, Mother Parker’s, Higgins & Burke, La Courtisane, etc.)

• Cleaning products (industrial, chemical or biologically-based)
• Maintenance products (garbage bags, chewing gum remover, toilet paper, hand paper, napkins, vending machines, etc.)
• Sanitary supplies (hairnet, gloves, etc.)
• Saleable (booster seats, glasses, straws, trays, etc.)
• Customer service items (pocket tissues, Tylenol, Tums, Halls, etc.)
• Products for moms (diapers and baby wipes)

We will also negotiate for you agreements with suppliers. This way, we will be able to apply these rebates directly to your invoices to simplify your accounting process. We can also make time-specific agreements for launching events or others.

Beaudry & Cadrin has agreements with manufacturers of movie promotional products such as Hunger Games glasses or X-Men buckets. We will be pleased to supply you with these products depending on their availability. We can also make custom-designed products adapted to your image, and according to your sales volume.

We can also supply you with parts to repair your franchise equipment. For more information, visit the Services page.