Food services

At Beaudry & Cadrin, we distribute several types of products required by restauranters. We can also complement the service offer of an existing distributor.

In other words, we can cover all the needs of restaurant owners for the following categories:

• Bistros
• Coffee shops
• Franchises
• Snack bars
• Ice cream parlours

We developed a wide expertise that enables us to become a logistical advantage for our clients. Call us to get the following products:

• Chemical maintenance products (biologically-based or industrial), including MAPAQ and CFIA approved specialized rinse-free cleaning products
• Hygiene products for your kitchen and bathrooms: hand paper, hand soap, disposable towels, toilet paper, etc.
• Free vending machines with agreement for products mentioned above
• Brooms, mops, buckets and other maintenance supplies
• Hairnets and gloves

Contact us for more information.