La Cour aux Saveurs

We are proud to present our newest service of ready-to-eat products. When you see La Cour aux Saveurs products, as a consumer, you know that they are fresh and prepared on-site following the highest food safety standards. You can also be sure that your taste buds will be fully satisfied!

If you are a retailer, here is what our program offers:

• Simple concept with minimum investment
• Turnkey program
• Full support for program launch from your wholesaler
• Resources accredited by the MAPAQ
• Flexible projects adapted to your needs and target clientele
• Binder full of guides and recipes that won’t limit your creativity
• Possibility to turn your facility into a bistro

Examples of products that you can find in La Cour aux Saveurs:

• Sandwich: baguette bread, croissant, wrap, multigrain bread
• Bakery: croissants, chocolate croissants, pastries, muffins
• Raw vegetables with dip
• Grapes and cheese
• Yogurt parfaits
• Cooked meals: lasagna, shepherd’s pie, vegetable beef, etc.
• Meat sauce

Some La Cour aux Saveurs locations even offer lunch boxes: this kind of product combination is ideal for meals on the go!

Feel free to contact our team for more detailed information.